Tracer Gas Leak Detection

Image courtesy of Sewerin Ltd

Tracer Gas is a very effective method of detecting leaks that not be easily heard. Tracer Gas, a non-harmful, odourless gas, is released under pressure into the pipes and a highly sensitive detection probe is then used to locate where the gas is escaping from. The gas is lighter than air and rises quickly.

Under pressure, this gas will escape from the leak and travel up through the floor, ground or walls. The gas can escape through concrete floors, timber and all types of floor finishes including tiles, laminate and carpet.

Tracer Gas can be a very useful technique to locate water leaks in: Customer Supply Pipes, Underfloor Heating Systems, Boilers, Central Heating Systems, Mains Distribution Networks.

24 hr Emergency Call Out Service

We provide a call out service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing you with the reassurance you need that help is quickly available should an emergency arise.

Leak Detection Methods

Our specialists deploy a number of different methods to find your leak which are both time-efficient and non-destructive.

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