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24 Hour

water leak detection & repair service

Are you having trouble finding, repairing or detecting a water leak in your home or business?

We provide a professional Leak Detection & Repair Service across Northern Ireland. Our technicians use the latest leak detection equipment to find and repair your leak within 24 hours.

Benefits of using Leak Specialist Company

24 hour leak detection service

Our technicians can be onsite within 24hrs (including weekends) to find a problem leak in your home or business premises.

Reduce property damage and disruption

Our non-destructive leak detection service means that only minimal amount of disruption is caused when locating your leak.

Assistance with water damage repair

Our experienced professionals will offer a qualified assessment of any damage caused by your leak and advise on the best course of action regarding repair.

Non-destructive leak detection service

Our thermal imaging camera and acoustic listening detection helps pinpoint the exact location of your leak, negating the need for destructive ways of finding your leak.

All-in-one detect and repair service

Once we have detected your leak, we repair the problem pipes and access any water damage that may have occurred.

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Leak Detection & Repair Service

We deploy a number of different methods to find your leak
Leak Detection Method

Thermal Imaging

Leak Detection Method


Leak Detection Method

Pipe Tracing

Leak Detection Method

Tracer Gas

Leak Detection Method

Pressure Testing

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